4k Video Downloader Review

I am often on the road and have no Internet. So watching long form YouTube content was very challenging, but then I found out about 4K Video Downloader… 4K Video Downloader is a software which enables you to download videos from various online content platforms, such as YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook, but the developers are […]

How Bill Gates Wasted $575 Million Dollars on Education

The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation had spent the last 10 years doing a $575 million dollars program in which the aim was improving teacher effectiveness and increasing student achievement. Conclusion after those 10 years and $575 million dollars? The program has completely failed. How did the program look like, and what actually happened? Basically, […]

Geeks and love

I have a back and forth conversation about girls with my friend for couple of years now. He’s a really smart and intelligent geeky guy that spends more time on Reddit looking at cute anime girls than hanging out with real people. He has strong social anxiety and he doesn’t really care for social hobbies. “Everyone has […]

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