Here, you can check out all the awesome Photoshop projects my students did. Below each image, there’s a short interview* with the student who made the project. Here’s the table of contents of the projects.

1) Trumpasaur: Trump turned into the Pokémon named Bulbasaur.
1.b) Interview with Neo, the Trumpasaur creator.

2) An Unlucky Parachuter.
2.b) Interview with Emma, author of An Unlucky Parachuter.

3) Code Neven!
3.b) Interview with Zoe, author of Code Neven!

4) The Creation of Pepe the Frog
4.b) Interview with Lucijan, author of The Creation of Pepe The Frog

5) Trans Trump will make America great again!
5.b) Interview with Antonija and Mia, authors of Trans Trump

1)  Trumpasaur

Helping the student to finish this project was awesome. Not because I also love Pokémon, but because the student was really enthusiastic about learning the necessary Photoshop skills to turn Trump into Bulbasaur. Below, you can find a short interview with the student.

1.b)  ‘Trumpasaur’ interview

Here I am with the author of the “Trumpasaur” Photoshop project. His name is Neo and he was a junior when he made this project. Let’s get on with the first question:

First off, tell us how did I start the lecture? How did I present this Photoshop workshop?

You came into the classroom and showed us a couple of funny Photoshop edits. Then you asked us whether we would like to make something like that. All of us said “yes, yes, yes!” because Microsoft Word and Excel are so boring :/ 

I’m glad you liked the workshop. But how did you come up with the idea to turn Trump into Bulbasaur?

I immediately knew I wanted to do something with Trump. He’s such huge news nowadays. I found this image and he reminded of Bulbasaur. So it’s been decided.

Would you like if I organized more projects like this one in the future?

A million times yes!

Any final words?

Making the Photoshop edit was fun. CLICK HERE to see my creative process that led to the final edit! That’s all from me!

2) An Unlucky Parachuter

We’ll take a short break from comedy and memes because Emma will try to ground us as she tried to ground her parachuter.

2.b) ‘An unlucky parachuter’ interview

Hi Emma, welcome to my website.

It’s an honor being here.

All of your classmates’ projects are humorous. How does it feel being the only non-humorous one?

It feels great, because it feels special. You don’t need to be humorous to be entertaining, or have artistic value. I actually like that I’m the only non-humorous one!

Your project has a slight tragic note to it, does it not? It looks like the parachuter is aiming for the crater?

I wouldn’t say he’s aiming for the crater. To me, the image represents a personal warning. Every single one of us has a choice of doing something great, but also something terrible. We need to be able to recognize when we’re heading in that terrible direction and learn how to steer away.

What a powerful message. I’m glad I had you on my team. Any last words?

I think I pretty much nailed it!

You’re goddamn right you did!

CLICK HERE If you want to see Emma’s editing process. Notice how she had to draw the parachute’s lines in the final image because she wasn’t able to copy them from the 2nd image to the combined image!

3) Code Neven!

That’s me photo of me posing during my photography lesson. Zoe decided to put a real life Bulbasaur between my legs and make Lelouch vi Britannia stalk me behind the tree!

3.b) ‘Code Neven!’ – interview

Zoe, Neven vi Britannia commands you, tell me more about your project! 🙂

Yes, your majesty! Hahahah. It was so cool meeting a teacher that loves anime, especially Code Geass! Look at me blabbering lol, anyway, you showed us Photoshop basics by demonstrating how to put the turtle between your legs. Then, I decided to also add Lelouch because we both love Code Geass!

That’s awesome. I also love meeting a student that watches awesome anime! Do you have anything to add for the end of the interview?

Yes… Zoe vi Britannia commands you, CLICK HERE to check out how I made the image!!!

4) The Creation of Pepe the Frog

We did another 360° turn to Memeland. Feelsbadman.jpg or Feelsgoodman.jpg, that is the question?

4.b) The Creation of Pepe the Frog – interview

Lucijan, the author and creator of the Meme, what thou hath to say?

The Lord Devil hath descendeth from the heavens to giveth thou blessing: “Riseth my people and be blesseth by my finger”, the Lord said unto the people.

Among the people, there was transsexual virgin who hath giveth herself unto the Lord and the Lord hath giveth her a blue glow.

The blow hath giveth a birth to a Messiah. All welcome Pepe the Jesus Frog, as our lord and savior! And indeed, the people hath welcomed him!

Oh boy, that must have been the most creative project description so far…

I give you my thanks, my liege…

Any parting words, Lucijan?

When thou feel alone, thou must remember that thou is not alone, for always there hath been Pepe with thou. Bath in His glory, savor His green wisdom and always remember to say: feelsgoodman.jpg.

Also, CLICK HERE to see my creative process!

5) Trans Trump will make America great again!

I… This is the first time I have no words. It’s better we immediately go to the interview…

5) Trans Trump will make America great again! – interview

Last but not least, we have another team project. I’m here with Antonija and Mia, the authors of the Trans Trump edit. Girls, why Trump, why Jeffrey, why Trans Trump?

We chose Trump because he’s such an obvious idiot on a position of power. I mean, how many speeches did he give where he would say one thing, and then he would contradict himself 10 seconds later. To us, it’s really fascinating how could the voters of America put this guy as president.

Next, we have a make up artist cross dresser, whose entire life is about being fake. I mean, do you want to be a woman or not? Really ambiguous.

When we put those two together, we get a person who doesn’t know what he wants, but spews absolutes and empty promises like “Make America great again!”

We believe the message is clear.

Well, I must say when you put it like that it sure is clear! Thank you girls for the interview.

And thank you teacher for the awesome lectures! By the way, CLICK HERE to see our process of mixing Trump and Jeffrey together.

I hope you had fun seeing my students’ Photoshop projects and I hope the interviews were illuminating!

CLICK HERE to see some examples of their programming projects. Here’s a short demo:

*Most of the interviews were written post hoc and are based on the conversations between me and the students during the workshops.