Pokemon: Rational Origins

This is a fanfiction I wrote for a contest on the /r/Rational subreddit. The contest was to write a rational deconstruction of an anime or manga. As a young boy I was always bugged with logical inconsistencies in the Pokemon world so I chose Pokemon! I really liked the angle of the story and I wanted to finish it. However, I realized the project is a little bit overly ambitious but I would love to finish it one day!

Anyway, without further ado, here’s the first chapter:

Dr. Satoshi, a man in his fifties, grey and tired looking was eyeballing the data readings. “We are getting closer. The subjects are showing less and less radiation when they’re in their energy form. This means we’re close to making it stable. Ready another subject.”

“Yes, sir”, says a thirty-something, average looking brunette, wearing small eclipse-like glasses. “Inanimate or animate sir?”

“Let’s go with an animate subject now Kasumi. Based on these readings we can forget about turning rocks into energy and start doing something more exciting! At least, if everything goes well now”, says dr. Satoshi while winking at his research assistant.

Again with the winking. He’s always so cheerful and full of energy although he looks like he’d rather sit at his front porch and yell at foreigners. People always make wrong assumptions about his character based on his first impression. And oh my god how awesome is he. When he was 25, he learnt to play poker in six months and then paid for his entire doctorate for the next 3 years with tournament earnings. I wish I had such willpower and concentration.” Kasumi got so lost in her thoughts that she didn’t realize Satoshi was waving a hand in front of her face.

“Please do it now, so we can go grab lunch. I hear lasagna are on today’s menu. Mmmm…” says Satoshi while he licking his lips, rubbing his belly and waving his fingers at his mouth.

Kasumi was barely able to hold her laugh while preparing a mouse for the experiment. Satoshi does his weird lasagna dance every Thursday. She loaded the mouse in the apparatus. “I’ve prepared the subject sir.”

“Wait, wait for me!” says Satoshi while walking over to his armchair. He sits, crosses his legs and puts his arms on the armrests. He wipes the smile of his face and bluntly exclaims: “Engage!”

Kasumi exhales air out of her nostrils, rolls her eyes and searches for the big red button which starts the experiment. She spots it and then rolls her eyes again but this time she sighs laughingly. The button was covered with a piece of paper where engage was written in Satoshi’s handwriting. She looks at the doctor and he starts winking playfully again. I can feel his imaginary elbow poking me in the ribs right now. She presses the button and the doctor starts gripping his armchair harder and shaking in his chair like he was in a car on the bumpy road. “I don’t think warp drive worked that way in the series, doctor. Their ships had stabilizers.”

The doctor frowned, exhaled from his nose and almost touched his nose with his lips. You could see him thinking “I know but I was having fun”. A sound of electric doors opening fills the room. A young dark haired man walked through the door. He was in his early thirties, fairly handsome and tall but also serious looking, kind of dangerous.

“Hey son, you’re late but actually just in time. We’ve just started the experiment. With an animate subject!”

“Hey dad, hey Kasumi. Did he do that Star Trek scene?”

“Yes” Kasumi replied and started giggling.

“Then we are ready indeed. Let’s get closer to the EMTD” says Makoto and puts on his dark glasses.

The three of them came closer to the machine and watched the Energy-Matter transfer device do its thing. A white beam of energy was shot from some kind of a ball. The ball’s top half was colored in red while its bottom was colored in white. It had a small opening at the front which was covered with a tube. The light went through some more tubes and hit the chamber where the mouse was at. The light at his body started to bend and depending on the angle of your view you could or couldn’t see the mouse’s body. Finally the light filled the entire chamber and the machine stopped making loud noises. There was no mouse. There was only light. The light was moving really fast and it was going back where it came from; to the ball. A green light started flashing on the monitor. The procedure was over.

“What do you say son that we let Kasumi have the honors. She never held the ball” the doctor says smilingly. Makoto smiles and nods.

Kasumi carefully approached the machine and picked up the ball. “Magnificent. A live being has been turned into energy and stored into this container.” She raised the ball to her eye level and started turning it around and examining it. “It was one thing to turn a rock into energy. Einstein’s equations are very simple, matter is energy and energy is matter. But it’s one thing to turn matter into energy and vice versa, it’s another thing to store consciousness. To transfer matter into energy but to keep the subjects consciousness, now that’s an accomplishment.”

“If you click that button in the middle the ball will shrink in size, making it perfect to carry in your pocket. If you click the button again the ball will grow to size of a hand. One day I hope we will be able to do the procedure to larger animals. You could bring your bunny Monster to the lab and we can try it on him. If it succeeds, he will be your pocket monster!” the doctor says and winks at Kasumi, proud of his amazing pun.

“Oh Satoshi, you’re so funny!” sarcastically says Kasumi. “But he’s not wrong. Having these balls for Monster would be perfect for long trips. Since carrying your pet over airplanes and trains is first of all expensive and then impossible if your pet is big, these balls would make it convenient and cheap!

“OK Kasumi, I want to taste that hot and delicious béchamel on my taste buds. Put the ball back and reverse the process.”

She hastily put the ball back and engaged the experiment again. While the machine was initiating the researchers put on some dark glasses. The white beam of light was fired from the ball into the chamber. The light was so blinding but Kasumi and Satoshi stood next to the chamber with their arms crossed, casually observing. When the Energy to Matter transfer was finished, they took off their glasses and approached the chamber. “The mouse appears to be breathing. Its motor skills are functional and he’s responding to visual stimuli” says dr. Satoshi while Kasumi was flashing the mouse with a small flashlight. While Satoshi was filling up some checkboxes Makoto took a whistle from the table. He approached the chamber and blew into it. A high pitched sound, barely hearable by the human hear has filled the room. The mouse started frantically running around in circles inside the chamber. “Mouse’s hearing is OK!” yells Makoto. “Okey, dokey” says Satoshi and crosses one checkbox. Dr. Satoshi picks up another form and starts writing something. “First experiment with an animate subject: successful” says dr. Satoshi and crosses the final checkbox. Kasumi was looking at the mouse, searching for signs of instability. “Please be OK, please be OK, please be OK!” repeats Kasumi as if she believes in superstitious beliefs of wishing living beings well. She caught Satoshi’s gaze and saw that she’s signaling her for them to leave. She patted Makoto on the shoulder to let him know they’re leaving. They step outside the research room, took off their protective suits and start walking to the cafeteria. Kasumi sighs and rolls her eyes again when she saw Satoshi licking his lips in excitement for lasagna.

They passed through a control room and on the other side they saw Sunohara on the controls. A blond, athletically built handsome youngster who everyone has no idea about how he got this job. He smiled at Kasumi who blushed and approached him.

“H-hi Sunohara… I’ve found this. I-I think it’s yours!” said Kasumi and brought her hand forward. On her palm rested a smartphone in a black and red phone case. The phone case had a picture of their Research ball in black and red. “I really like the case!” Makoto rolls his eyes.

“Thanks!” said Sunohara with a smile and raised eyebrows. “I made it myself!”

“Oh my, that’s so cool! I hope you can make one for me” said Kasumi while lowering her view poking her point fingers with themselves. Makoto sighs and starts laughing while nodding his head left and right. Kasumi continues: “I just wanted to say, I didn’t break your phone’s screen. I found it like that!”

“I know Kasumi, don’t worry. I broke it yesterday” says Sunohara while almost dropping the phone again. He exhaled and brushed the sweat of his forehead with his forearm.

“Oh my, he’s so cute when he’s clumsy. But seriously, didn’t he break it like the 4th time so far? I wonder how much of his clumsiness transfers to his work? I mean, he is working on a control panel that controls energy pressures for our research room.”

The silence was broken by Satoshi’s rumbling stomach. Kasumi jumps in the air as if she’s heard a train passing by. “Sunohara, sorry but we were on our way to lunch. You can come with us if you want!”

“Thanks Kasumi, but I’ve already eaten. See you later” says Sunohara with a seducing smile. Kasumi turns read as a tomato and starts giggling while walking away. A few paces later Makoto sighs and says “Dear Ceaser Kasumi… Could you be even more obvious?” The girl smiles, turns red once more but says nothing.

While the researchers were walking to the cafeteria their mouse in the research room was nibbling on his mouse food. It seemed perfectly normal until it started shaking uncontrollably. You could see bumps on his skin. It was like someone took a needle and started poking his skin from the inside. Suddenly it stopped shaking. His eyes turned bloody and it violently exploded shooting his inner organs all over the chamber’s glass walls.

The conference hall of eNergintendo corporation was packed with reporters. There were more cameras than people. Camera lights were flashing multiple times per second. On the stage there stood Miyamoto Shigeru, the CEO of eNergintendo corporation, dr. Satoshi Tajiri and his assistant Kasumi and multiple other scientist who work on the Energy-Matter transfer device. Miyamoto just finished giving a 3 minute speech.

“Mr. Miyamoto!” said a tall, blond journalist with perfect makeup and haircut.

“Yes, miss Nome. Ask away.”

“The public is concerned about their safety. They don’t understand how can you use so much energy and not be worried about what would happen if something happens?”

“We are indeed working with unimaginable amounts of energy but because of that fact we have unimaginable safety procedures. I assure you that this facility is error-proof.”

“But you spend more energy per year than the entire world!” The crowd got nervous and started chatting. “To transfer 100 grams to energy you would need the energy of 810 million nuclear power plants! And that’s only to transfer it. You would need to sustain it! Where are you getting that energy from?” The crowd got silent, expecting the CEO would answer something interesting.

“Unfortunately, those are company secrets.” The crowd released a collective sigh. “Fortunately, we will be ready next week to reveal you that secret.” The crowd gasped in excitement. “Next Thursday, we will hold a science conference where we will present a new source of energy which will revolutionize the energy world. It has something to do with cold-fusion.” The crowd went wild. Journalists started shouting and asking questions regarding the CEO’s last statement. But the CEO said he will not take any questions regarding that topic because everything will be revealed next week. “Next question, please. Yes, the man in the light blue blazer.”

The journalist clears his throat and presents himself: “Okazaki Tomoya, The Daily Scientist. There were some rumors that you started doing experiments with animate subjects and those experiments didn’t end well. How can you comment on that?”

“I will have to let the research department save my skin on that one” says Miyamoto jokingly, turns off his microphone and looks in the general direction of the research staff. Everyone of the research department looks at dr. Satoshi who nods his head approvingly and turns on the microphone in front of him. He catches Kasumi’s worried look and he smiles letting her know everything will be OK. “We started doing some experiments with animate subjects indeed. However we hit some bumps along the road and we concluded we have to do some numbers crunching. Several of our subjects have simply not stayed in the energy form but they have converted back to their material form without our approval. They didn’t suffer any damage whatsoever though.”

“Bullshit!” yells a young brunette journalist wearing so much makeup you could paint a living room with it. “I’ve heard your first animate subject died a violent death and even exploded! How can you treat animals like that!?” The crowd started chatting in unison.

“Miss Suzumiya, I assure you that are only rumors. Nothing like that has happened. And even if it did, so what? Those are only mice, specifically bred for testing.”

The crowd started loudly arguing between each other. “So what!? But that’s animal abuse! You can’t treat those animals like that!”

Dr. Satoshi lowered his view and sighed. He started talking really quietly and the crowd became dead silent. “Miss Suzumiya, how many mice do you think have died before that lipstick you’re wearing has been approved for human testing? The same thing could be said for that eye liner you’re wearing or that bottle of hand cream you’re using. Cosmetic industry wouldn’t exist without animal testing. You wouldn’t exist without animal testing.” A loud laughter spread through the hall. It brought a smirk to dr. Satoshi’s face.

“No more questions” said Suzumiya Haruhi and sat down on her chair. She frowned and started gripping her microphone so tight her hands started to turn white.

The CEO and the public exchanged a few questions before the press conference was over. Everyone stood up and started leaving the conference room. Makoto picks up his pace a little bit to catch up with his dad. He leans in and whispers: “Why did you lie about the mice? We did over 100 experiments after the first one and they all died.” Kasumi who was walking by the doctor leans in to hear his reply.

“Son, look. I know you’re young and enthusiastic about science but trust me, you don’t want to reveal stuff that’ll have bad publicity to the public if you know what you’re doing. People are retarded. If they buy a lottery ticket and win, they will think they did good, although odds were against them. If you played a game of Texas Hold’em and went all in before the flop with pocket Aces and lost to pocket Kings, they’ll tell you that you did the bad thing, no matter if it was 80/20 for you. They are result oriented, not goal oriented. If you know what you’re doing, if you’re making good decisions based on the information you have, that’s the only thing that matters. You will win in the long run.”

“I understand father. But tell me, what is the true purpose of this research? We’re not really researching energy to matter transfer and vice versa for storing pets, are we?”

The old man smirked: “Of course not, only a fool would think that. You know I can’t really tell you that. But since you’re my son…” Kasumi stopped walking by the doctor’s left and started walking behind him. She got in even closer. “I will only tell you two words: interstellar travel. Our warp drive is decades, maybe even hundred years into the future. But our EMTD data point to the fact that the physiological parameters of a living being stay the same inside the ball. Their consciousness is still affected by the space-time continuum, but their body doesn’t decay. We can then send astronauts on missions that take decades of travelling but they will not lose a second physiologically. OK, maybe I hyped it a bit too much by saying interstellar travel because travelling to any significant planet would take hundreds of thousands of years but it would really speed up the colonization of our solar system at least. Also, imagine way down the road that you have to take a 10 hour flight. But let’s say you don’t want to waste those 10 hours, sure you can read a book or watch a movie but you’d rather save those 10 hour of your life. You simply upload yourself to the ball, fly those 10 hours and you’re as those 10 hours never happened. This would be pretty useless if your mind is doing nothing because 10 hours of doing nothing is pretty boring but we’re working on connecting your brain to a the ball’s computer. In that way, you’ll be able to connect to the Internet and consume whatever content you want while inside the ball. But who wouldn’t wanna pay for that! People hate when they have to travel somewhere for half an hour! So son, we’ll help the humanity and get rich at the same time!”

“Sounds awesome dad. Although I don’t think we need anymore money than we make now.”

“My son, humble as always. You can donate your share to a charity of your choice for all I care. I want Lamborghinis and yachts on which I can snort cocaine out of hooker’s ass though.” Kasumi almost tripped and fell which got Satoshi’s attention. “Are you okay Kasumi?”

“Yeah… I’m fine…” says Kasumi with her head lowered, a palm on her face covering her mouth, giggling silently. “Satoshi is crazy…

The research room was as usual: bright, sterile and sciencey looking. Three people occupied it.

“A full year has passed since we couldn’t make mice stable. What do you say Kasumi?” Satoshi asked rhetorically.

“I think we’ve made a lot of progress, sir. We’ve stabilized mice fairly rapidly and now we’ve even stabilized rabbits. We are at least a decade before human experiments but we’re doing great!”

“Blasphemous! Human experiments?! Are you insane women!?” yells Satoshi with a straight face. His eyebrows were frowned, he was breathing through his nose heavily and he was starting to get red.

Kasumi looked like her blood stopped in its tracks. She froze and started muttering nonsense.

Satoshi’s outer lip started shaking, suddenly he bursts laughing: “HAHAHAHAHA, you should have seen your face! I am kidding of course! Man you’re easy to screw around with… That’s what she said! Oh my, I am getting funnier and funnier. Hahahah!”

“Doesn’t really make a lot of sense if you say the joke dad.”

“Yeah, yeah. Spare me the comedy lesson guy-who-never-laughs. Okay Kasumi, have you brought Monster?”

“What? Why did she bring him here?” asks Makoto.

“Why, for the experiment of course!” exclaims Satoshi.

“I figured since we’ve been doing incident-free experiments with rabbits for several months now, I figured I’ll bring Monster to see how will the procedure affect him. I, no… We wanted to see how will the procedure affect his behavior and mood. We know from neurological readings that it should stay the same, but it’s different to see it with your own eyes. Also, after the experiment I can write in my blog that my rabbit helped me with the research!”

“Well fine by me, I just don’t think it’s a risk you should take. You could easily bonded with one of the specimen rabbits and then see how it would react. And then in case if something goes wrong, you wouldn’t kill a rabbit who you spent a decade with.”

“Okay son enough. Don’t scare her now for no reason.”

“I am not scaring her. I understand her emotional reasons but I still think it’s illogical. Nevermind, let’s start.”

They loaded the rabbit into an MRI scanner and scanned its brain. Then they loaded him into the chamber and fired the beam. It hit Monster and successfully transferred it to the ball.”

“OK Kasumi, pick up the ball.”

Kasumi approached the apparatus and picked up the ball. She looked at it in amazement; still not believing what they are doing is possible.

“Come on, don’t just stand there, scan it!”

She approached some kind of MRI scanner and scanned the ball. “Visual cortex readings are higher than before the EMTD but that’s normal, we did hit him with the shiny beam of light.”

“Okay then, materialize him and let’s do it again. This time, play with him a little bit to boost his adrenaline and dopamine.”

“Wait, you’re going to check his every hormone level, before and after EMTD?” Makoto asked in a surprise.

“Why of course? We need to test every variable!” replied Satoshi.

“Screw that. It’s Friday, I have a train to catch. I’m going to see a musical with Sheryl.”

“You’re still doing that long distance thing son? There’s plenty of fish in Hiroshima, why do you limit yourself? Hiroshima – Osaka is a 2 hour train ride!” asked Satoshi, dead serious.

“Same old dad, asking the same questions after 5 years” sighs Makoto as a reply to his dad’s question and starts the leaving protocol.

Kasumi just finished materializing Monster and she started playing catch with him. “Goodbye Kasumi!” Makoto says. Kasumi waves at him with a carrot in her hand. He gazes across the room and sees his father with his back turned to him. “Goodbye dad” says Makoto and gets no reply from a scientist that’s so into his work. “This reminds of my childhood” ponders Makoto while leaving the room.

Makoto just finished undressing his protective suit when he notices the clock: “Dear heavens look at the time! I have to hurry to catch the train!” He picks up his pace and buzzes the control room. The doors open and there is Sunohara leaning on his chair and at the same time throwing his phone in the air and talking on it while it’s on speakerphone.

“You really shouldn’t goof around while we’re doing experiments. We need your full concentration” Makoto says serious as ever.

“Yeah, yeah…” Sunohara says in an uninterested fashion waving his hand at Makoto who simply walks by him and leaves the facility.

“OK Kasumi” says dr. Satoshi after several hours of tiring testing. “One last experiment with Monster and we’re done for today. Load him up!”

“Yes sir” says Kasumi while loading up Monster and starting the experiment.

In the room next door Sunohara was still talking on his phone in the same fashion as before. “So man, I’m telling you, I’m talking to this chick and this guy comes in and—“ Sunohara was interrupted midconversation when he leaned a bit too much on his chair. He started falling down on his back while his phone was in midair. Sunohara landed on the floor but his phone landed on the energy pressure control panel hitting some switches. Nothing has happened at first but after several seconds red lights start flashing.

“Sunohara come in. What is going on?”

“I don’t know dr. Satoshi. Some lights just started flashing!”

“What do you mean you don’t know!? Which lights are flashing?”

“It says it’s flowing energy to your room, to the EMTD!”

“Stop it!”

“I am trying but it’s not processing my commands!” The alarm has become louder. “It says that at this rate it’s gonna blow!”

Dr. Satoshi in a research room is concentrated on the computer screen. His hands are hitting the keyboard lightning fast. “This doesn’t make any sense. We should be able to close the pressure without problems. It seems like it’s either overriding my commands or I’m not authorized to make them.”

“What should we do dr. Satoshi?” asks Kasumi while her body is slightly shaking.

“We can either wait for a Deus ex machina or invent a teleportation device in 10 seconds.”

“And now of all time when I bring Monster… At least he could have been saved…”

“Not really Kasumi. The entire city is going to blow. He would have died anyway.” Dr. Satoshi gazes through the window. “Well son, now it’s all on you. After this incident the world will be against you but you have to make this technology a reality. The future of humanity depends on it.”

The Energy-matter transfer device has started to glow really bright. At first in a blinding white color but then it started to change colors: red, yellow, green, blue. A rainbow of colors has shone the research room. They say that after the rain comes a rainbow but in this situation after the rainbow comes an explosion with the power of thousand suns.

A big, strong, middle-aged man is sitting on a leather arm chair, petting his Persian cat. Doors behind his back open and a slick looking man leans in and says in a Tokyo accent: “It’s done.”

“Good. Ready the press and prepare for the quarantine” says the man calmly and continues to pet his cat. “Finally, we are ready for the next stage of evolution.”

It was 7 AM in Osaka. Barely any sunlight was able to shine through window covers of Sheryl’s apartment. Makoto’s phone gets a loud notification.

“Oh come on Makoto… It’s 7 in the morning…” says Sheryl while looking at her own phone with her eyes half-shut.

Makoto reads the message which says check the 7th channel news. Makoto picks up his phone and launches the 7th channel news app. He turns to Sheryl and says: “Sorry babe this is important. Otherwise I wouldn’t get a text at 7 AM.”

“… only two weeks have passed since the Hiroshima incident but we’re already seeing some strange sightings in the outskirts of the city. Several new animal species have been sighted. They seem to attack the wildlife around them and several eyewitnesses say they’re more intelligent than normal. Ma’am can you please tell us your experience.”

“I sure can hun. I been lurking ‘round ‘ere trying to find me sheep when all o’ sudden a big *** bird comes in front of me carrying one of me sheep. The bird were around meter an’ a half tall, had red and yellow stripes which started at its head and went all the way down to the floor.”

“What happened when the bird landed ma’am?”

“Well I told it to release my goddamn sheep and it sure listened to me. It even followed me a lil’ bit until I shoo’d it away! I went to me farm but then the next day the goddamn bird came back!”

Makoto turned off the news after he got another text which read: Come to Okayama ASAP, we need you. “I have to go again babe” says Makoto and starts to put on some clothes.

“But it’s Saturday! When are you coming back?”

“I don’t know. It’s probably a one day job. They need me for my expertise. I’ll call you” says Makoto kisses Sheryl and goes out to catch the first train to Okayama.

“Hello dr. Satoshi, thanks for coming.”

“Dr. Satoshi is… was my father, please call me Makoto.”

“Err… no problem sir. Sorry to hear about your father. Come with me please.” Two of them went through some corridors and down the stairs. It appears the facility goes underground. “Mr. Makoto, please meet professor Oak.”

“Hello Mr. Makoto.”

“Hello” says Makoto and shakes hands with an average built grey haired man in his early fifties.

“I am professor Oak. I took great interest in these newly found species of animals. My colleague Ren who you already know has told me you can help me in my endeavors.”

“What would you need of me?” asks Makoto while raising one of his eyebrows.

“Well, we found out about twenty of these new species but we believe there are more. We want to capture them and examine them but some of these species are quite large and dangerous. It would take a SWAT team per animal. We’ve heard you might help us with a specific device of yours.”

“What… device?” asks Makoto, slightly worried.

“The Energy-matter transfer device” says professor Oak pretty bluntly.

“You can’t be serious. You know that research was banned the minute eNergintendo corporation exploded.  Even if I wanted to help you, I couldn’t.”

“Well that’s where you’re wrong. The research is banned in Japan. But outside of Japan, it’s not banned.”

“What do you mean? You know we can’t travel abroad since the incident.”

“You wouldn’t need to. This facility is not on Japan’s territory. We’re an international company. I have good friends from the USA and the UK who are very interested in your research.”

“Interesting…” says Makoto, lowers his head and touches his chin. “Father would have wanted for me to continue the research. And I’ve checked the black box data, there was no errors during the experiment. Nothing went wrong. I know that my father wouldn’t carry on experiments even if they had a slight chance of catastrophic consequences. Therefore, obviously the fault was not in the equipment, workers nor the facility.” Makoto raises his head and determinately says “I’ll do it.”

“Splendid!” says the professor. “We can start today.”


“Yes, why not? Let me first show you what we’ve found 2 kilometers away from the eNergintendo facilities.” Professor goes several meters away and picks up a small cage from the ground. The cage was covered with a cloth. He brings the cage and puts in on the table. “You do it” says the professor.”

Makoto with a confused look on his face says “Okay…” and proceeds to uncover the cage. The look on his face was beyond shock and horror: “IMPOSSIBLE!!! Monster… ?” says Makoto while looking at a yellow bunny with a tail which looked like a thunder bolt and two red dots, one on each cheek.

“You know this rabbit?” confusedly asks professor Oak.

“Yes… It is… was a rabbit of a colleague of mine…”

“I’m sorry about your colleague and your father. But anyway, we’ve captured this rabbit which is showing signs of electrical manipulation. Check out these videos we’ve captured” says the professor and turns on a display.

In the video Monster was standing in the middle of the room. He was standing in front of a table full of fruits. It seemed like he was preparing to do something. “Pikaaaaa-chu!” yelled Monster and a bolt of electricity hit an apple which exploded in a million pieces. “Good boy!” said the professor in the video and gave him a carrot.

“I don’t know what name to give to this new collection of species emerging” says the professor.

“How about Pocket Monsters?”

“Sorry?” asks professor Oak with a confused look on his face.

“Well, on the day of my father’s death I’ve received his diary by email. There is this entry from one year ago where he made a joke how Kasumi will have a pocket monster if she puts Monster in a ball and puts the ball in the pocket. He was really proud of that one. He started writing a comedy sketch based on that joke…” says Makoto with a shiny look on his face.

“Well, to honor dr. Satoshi, let’s name them Pokemon! It’s much catchier.”

“Pokemon it is!” exclaims Makoto.

Professor Oak turns off the display raises his fist in front of his face and yells: “Well then, guys it’s time for an adventure… Let’s go catch them all!”

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