Democratic education in Public Schools

Are you passionate about self-directed, democratic education but you work in a public school? Do you hate grades, exams and compulsory attendance, but you don’t know how to get around them?

Are you fed up with the curriculum and you just want to help the kids learn what they want?

I know what you’re going through

✔ You don’t know how to implement democratic education in your classroom

✔ You hate grades and exams, but you still need to give them to your students

✔ Compulsory attendance makes students who are not interested in your class to disturb the working atmosphere

✔ Nobody of your coworkers shares your passion nor understands you

I can help you.

I spent 3 years working in a traditional school, but using self-directed democratic methods. I can help you introduce self-directed, democratic learning environment in your classroom:

Locate the areas in which you actually can introduce democracy.

Learn what are the fights worth fighting for. Some fights you just can’t win, for example you probably need to give your students exams, but there is a way to make them democratic!

Turn your classroom into an oasis of happy students in an otherwise miserable public school!

Learn how to safely introduce democratic methods without sacrificing your career.

Learn the theory behind self-directed and democratic education and become then use the knowledge to introduce it to your classroom!

Biology of learning: how children learn through play? How to make your classes more playful, thus making the learning more effective.

Peaceful living: how learning democracy from young age teaches social skills?

Age mixing: why environment in which kids of all ages interact positively affect their development?

Freedom of choice: how freedom to choose what to do with their time children them better learners?

Responsibility: why children learn to take care of themselves more quickly in self-directed, democratic environments?

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Hi, I’m Neven.

I have spent 3 years teaching IT in a public high school, but using self-directed, democratic methods. At the moment I am employed as a learning facilitator at a democratic school. Democratic and self-directed education has been a passion of mine most of my adult life. I have read countless books and organized countless self-directed oriented educational workshops. Over the past 4 years I have worked with a lot of families but also teachers to help them better understand democratic education. With this coaching, you get years of professional experience put to work in an actionable programs anyone can use.

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The coaching works!

“I learned so much from Neven. He doesn’t just know about the art and the industry, he is a trained teacher so you know you’ll be in good hands.– Zach

“Neven helped me slow down and actually view things from a different perspective – this was a game changer for me.– Brandon

You are a passionate about education.

In fact, you probably work harder than most. The fact that you are looking to improve your knowledge about self-directed, democratic education is an awesome first step!

You believe in the freedom of choice.

You know people are the happiest when pursuing their own interests. Why should it be different for children? Research shows children how are left alone to pursue their interests develop into happier adults.

The Democratic Education in Public Schools Coaching is for:

People just starting their first teaching job in a public school who immediately want to become the best teachers they can

Current teachers who are sick of the public school system and want to change it from the inside out

Teachers who organize educational workshops and courses but are starting to realize the I-will-talk-for-45-minutes-while-you-listen approach is not effective at all

Principals and board members wanting to introduce self-directed, democratic methods into their school

Remember, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. This program is on your terms – you control what you want to work through and when you work through it. And, if it doesn’t work, you get your money back for the sessions you haven’t used, and the program gets stronger from your experience.

Be well,

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you more qualified than other people to do this?

I am a certified teacher and learning facilitator with over 4 years of professional experience working with children. Most importantly, I have 3 years of experience successfully implementing democratic and self-directed methods in a public school environment. I was exposed to the topics of education, schooling and learning even before I started teaching, so I was blessed to be able to start my teaching career in a very progressive and alternative way. I was immediately successful in introducing project work methods, instead of classical lecture methods and slowly I introduced more and more of the democratic methods into my classroom.

How long will this take?

The 4 coaching sessions are recommended to be spaced out in a month, once a week. To implement the knowledge can take 4-12 weeks, depending on the dynamics of your learning community.

Is this only for people working in a public school?

No, I work with people working who work with children from all sorts of industries and professions. I also work with parents to help them introduce democratic and self-directed methods into their family life. No matter your background, the information I can provide will help you become better in dealing with children.

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Neven’s Promise to You:

If you are not satisfied with the coaching sessions, contact me and you will get refunded for the sessions you have not used.

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