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Help Yourself Understand Your Kids Better

I help parents get on the same page with their kids faster – and cheaper – than any therapy or family counseling regimen. Because the hard work is on you, the parent. And, make no mistake, this is hard work.

Research shows children who experience anxiety benefit equally, if not more, after their parents attend one therapy session. You read that right, treating parents is more effective than treating the kid who is experiencing anxiety!

This is because our the children are sponges. They subconsciously absorb and adopt behavioral patterns of their parents, and more often than not parents of anxious and depressed children are anxious and depressed themselves.

I know what you’re going through

✔ The quiet isolation from friends and even family

✔ The sudden outbursts of anger to a simple thing like “Why don’t you go to bed?”

✔ The disengagement from sports and hobbies

✔ The gradual decline in grades

✔ Daily fights to leave their room for a meal

I can help you.

My Understand – Talk – Act technique takes you step-by-step to understand first, talk second, and act last. Unlike other approaches this technique puts you on the same team as your child and doesn’t damage your relationship with them.

Understand exactly what is going on in your child’s brain.

Talk to your gamer using conversational scripts that have worked in real life.

Act according to the plan you create through 16 guided worksheets.

Learn how to support your kid.

When left unchecked, unsolved family dynamics affects us on five dimensions:

Physically: disrupted sleep, fatigue, weight gain/loss

Mentally: stress, mood instability

Socially: isolation from friends/family

Emotionally: trouble expressing/regulating emotion

Real World Success: decline in performance and motivation

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Hi, I’m Neven.

I’m also a victim of unfortunate family circumstances. My parents got divorced when I was just a baby, and later my mom remarried and then got divorced again. I have two step-brothers and I often I had to be the one raising them. In fact, the additional responsibility very early on created great anxiety which almost caused me to fail out of university and lose my job later on in life. Now, I’m living my dream by working as a staff member at a democratic school. This dream took me 4 years of hard work to finally achieve. Over the past 4 years I have worked with a lot of families to help them learn better parenting skills. With this coaching, you get years of professional experience put to work in an actionable programs anyone can use.

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“I learned so much from Neven. He doesn’t just know about the art and the industry, he is a trained teacher so you know you’ll be in good hands.– Zach

“Neven helped me slow down and actually view things from a different perspective – this was a game changer for me.– Brandon


The Becoming a Super Parent Coaching Includes

Expert Guidance

A curriculum designed by a video-game-addict-turned-democratic-facilitator.

Dialogue guides

The literal words for when you don’t know what to say.

A Full Plan

16 practical, actionable, realistic steps for your family to regain control from video games.

Self-Paced Coaching Sessions

Choose the date and time that suits you.

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You are a good parent.

In fact, you probably work harder than most. We know first-hand this isn’t about fault or blame. Every family has their own special circumstances. That’s why understanding is so key, and why going deep into the psychology of gaming is so important.

Learn to let go

Research shows overprotective parenting seriously hinders children development. Learn how to let go and let your child pursue their own interests in a safe and productive way.

The Becoming a Super Parent coaching is for:

Parents who often experience recurring problems with their children such as that the child elaborately complains about going to school every morning

Parents who have tried and failed to reshape their children’s negative behaviors

Parents who are exhausted and have “given up” trying to influence their children’s negative behaviors

Parents who are overwhelmed with the online world (why is my child watching someone else play video games / talk about their lives?!) and want expert guidance in understanding what social media is and how it impacts their children

Parents who might not have the time, energy, or resources for therapy and family counseling

Becoming a Super Parent is the best evidence-based psychiatric approach to video games. It uses my professional expertise and yearlong personal experiences and has the approval of pediatricians, psychiatrists, child psychologists and educators.

Remember, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. This program is on your terms – you control what you want to work through and when you work through it. You’ll have the support of other parents behind you. And, if it doesn’t work, you get your money back for the sessions you haven’t used, and the program gets stronger from your experience.

Be well,

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you more qualified than other people to do this?

I am a certified teacher and learning facilitator with over 4 years of professional experience working with children and families. Most importantly, I have personally experienced broken family dynamics – nearly flunking my engineering studies as a result – and managed to get my own life under control and into a teaching career.

Is this therapy?

No, it’s better. It’s knowledge, empowerment and community support. We go quicker than week-to-week therapy and are much, much more affordable. Due to licensing restrictions, I can not be your doctor or psychiatrist through this program. Instead, I can be your guide and you will have access to my resources and the community of parents.

How long will this take?

The 4 coaching sessions are recommended to be spaced out in a month, once a week. To implement the knowledge can take 4-8 weeks, depending on the dynamics of your family and your children’s cooperation. The first 4 weeks of any behavior change (think about quitting caffeine, cutting carbs, or exercising every morning) are the hardest. Go easy on yourself and on your family. It is more about cultivating a healthy environment and a healthy balance than a sudden change in behavior.

My child is over 18, will this still work?

Yes, if he/she is living at home. In fact, working with an older child may speed up the process.

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The Neven’s Guarantee

This coaching program is the best evidence-based psychiatric approach to restoring healthy family dynamics. 

You will follow an Understand – Talk – Act approach to effectively implement healthy boundaries and communication around emotional needs. The implementation of the Act portion can take between 4 and 8 weeks, depending on your family dynamics.

Your relationship is the priority, so we will help you answer the questions you’ve been asking yourself:

Why is it so hard to get him/her to come down to dinner?

Why is he/she getting so mad?

What could possibly be so interesting on that screen?

Is there any real-world value to spending so much it on the computer?

How do I keep video games from taking over his/her life?

How do I get him/her to cut down playing games and start focusing on real life?

Neven’s Promise to You:

If you are not satisfied with the coaching sessions, contact me and you will get refunded for the sessions you have not used.

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